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Counter in picture tutorial

I saw many people asking themselve, how is it possible to have a counter inside a picture? I have seen some tutorials, but it can all be done a lot easier.

In the following 4 easy steps I'll describe how it's done.

Step 1

I use the following picture to put the counter in. Open photoshop and open your picture.

Step 2

Go to this page: and see how to get a counter.
Select your Rectangular Marquee Tool (or press M). And use the following settings:

Not select the field where you want your counter to be.

I have something like this now.

Step 3

Now select the slice tool (or press K).
Now make areas around the corner. Don't make more areas than necessary.
Note: The height of the areas next to the counter have to have the same height as the counter image. So the height should be 20 pixels.

Make sure that you leave open the counter area.

Step 4

Now go to File -> Save for Web. Then hit Save.
Remember what the number of the counter area's slice was. In this case it was number three.

You can use your own name. Don't forget to select All Slices.

Step 4

Now you're ready to upload the pictures and put them on your profile.

To upload the pictures, you can use the BLhelp's upload service. (
Note that you don't have to upload the picture with the counter area. In this case: counterimage_03.jpg. Make sure you remember the links.

Once uploaded you need to put it on your profile.
Example what the BB code should look like:
[img]Url 1 (top picture)[/img] (enter)
[img]Url 2 (left middle picture)[/img][img]Counter url[/img][img]Url 3 (right middle picture)[/img] (enter)
[img]Url 4[/img]

So in my case:
[img][/img][img]Counter link[/img][img][/img]



Quite easy eh?
Have fun using it, but don't forget to post a link to on you profile ;-)

The Rising Shadow



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